About me

How my sweet dream came true

Childhood is inherently associated with the aroma of freshly baked – biscuits/deserts. In our household, the oven was always busy baking, a lot and basically anything. At Christmas we had around 30 varieties of biscuits/deserts at home, which aroused the astonishment of all relatives and neighbours. But my mom always made as if it were normal.
Baking for me was a natural given, but I never thought I would ever be able to put food on the table with it. It wasn’t until I received my first cake order. Not only did I enjoy baking, but I thoroughly enjoyed making and creating various decorations and glazes. Gradually, I began to model sugar flowers and distributed them amongst my family and to all my friends. Since that very first order, I became overwhelmed by it all, where I had orders coming in from all sides.
I continuously wanted to expand my knowledge and experience which has taken several years. Over time, baking continued to be a joy for me, and my products were a pleasure for those on the receiving side. It was at this point that the idea came to me of opening my very own place. Thanks to my experience, I have much more faith in myself, and also in baking my dreams into reality. I must admit that my sweet and fragrant dream would never have come this far without the support of my family and friends, in particular my husband who has and still stands by my side with patience, I can not express my gratitude for having him. The journey thus far has not been short or simple, I had to work hard and learn a lot to overcome fear and concern. But I knew what I wanted, and I was determined to go for it.
Now I can introduce to you my very own creations, and I even offer sweet bars for rent. With my story I do not just want to make an ad, I also want to inspire. If you have a dream, never give it up. Not giving up and going after it, is the only way to really achieve your dreams.

Lucie Bouchaud